Icewm Plastik Theme


Screenshot: Active & Inactive Window


The tar.gz should be found on
As long it does not occur there you can download it here, too.


Unpack the archive using
tar xzf 20051225_gertplastik.tar.gz
Copy the created directory "gertplastik" into "~/.icewm/themes/" and select the theme "gertplastik" in your icewm-theme menu.


The theme is named "gertplastik" because I do not know if there already exists one that is called "plastik". In the current version the window decorations and as far as possible the taskbar are plastik theme like looking. The rest (menu, clock) is based on the jimmac theme maybe slightly modified. If you like the theme, have suggestions for improving it or have done some modifications, please tell me. (My e-mail address you can find on the startpage.)